~ The Whether Guard ~ Collectible Content Pack

~ The Whether Guard ~ Collectible Content Pack

Collectible Content packs are limited edition (3) card packs to adjust the flavor of any Spell Saga campaign. Play with all the available packs, or just your favorites. These cards are limited and will only be printed once.

We should call this the please don't sue us pack. During the Kickstarter campaign of 2014 there were three true gents who stood up against the din of impossibility and did everything they could to help us raise the funds necessary. Cousin Lauren and Todd created these RARE FOLK in their likenesses, going even so far as to design the dialogue to sound like the comments left by them.

This is just another opportunity to say thank-you to them, and everyone for making Todd's dream, that he forced his friends into, a reality.

Thanks, ya'll!

This product ships TBA 2016

$ 5.00