~ The Perfecta Trifecta ~ Collectible Content Pack

~ The Perfecta Trifecta ~ Collectible Content Pack

Collectible Content packs are limited edition (3) card packs to adjust the flavor of any Spell Saga campaign. Play with all the available packs, or just your favorites. These cards are limited and will only be printed once.

I just want to apologize right now for the name of this pack, before I FREAK OUT about how cool and scary the Hero Hunter looks. Each of these cards represents the very core of what makes this game special: colored ink.

(no)(that's a joke) The look and feel of the game, and the emotional response it can bring while played are truly represented by this trio of cards, leaving them a perfecta trifecta, dang, I said it again. Sorry.

Let me leave you with a behind the scenes fact for each card:

The Busted Bagpipes were designed for Paxson of Ashgarden.

The Hero Hunter is Todd's favorite card.

The Song of Midnight's Dawn is one of three matching Spell-Songs...the other two have yet to be revealed...

This product ships TBA 2016

$ 5.00