Deck Two: The Forest digital PnP files

Deck Two: The Forest digital PnP files

The Forest is here! You will not survive...

Finally released in the last week of December 2014, after three years of development comes the second act in what critics are calling: "How do I win this game?".

This 75 card digital PnP download is the only way to experience the majesty of Deck Two: The Forest until we decide to print it for realsies.

Enjoy new mechanics like the Sun & Moon card, change the path with mechanical enemies known as Coglins, learn fox magic, summon powerful Paladins from the Paladin Pile, and see if you can find the rumored Last Weatherguard said to be wandering near the heart of this infernal maze.

Immediate Digital Download upon purchase

Deck Two: The Forest Kickstarter coming Summer 2015.

$ 5.00