~ Balance. Blessings. Bonus. ~ Collectible Content Pack

~ Balance. Blessings. Bonus. ~ Collectible Content Pack

Collectible Content packs are limited edition (3) card packs to adjust the flavor of any Spell Saga campaign. Play with all the available packs, or just your favorites. These cards are limited and will only be printed once.

Each ounce of power is only as powerful as those who wield it. Unless of course you're talking about this hefty sack of three! The HARMONY cards represent the pure SOURCE energy int he world of Spell Saga, use each of them alone, or together for powerful game changing combos. How powerful? I dunno, how does giving life to inanimate ITEM cards sound?

These were previously only available at the highest tiers, until we thought that might be dumb. Enjoy!

This product ships TBA 2016

$ 5.00