The Highlands ~ 2015 Places Plus ~ 15 card expansion

The Highlands  ~ 2015 Places Plus ~ 15 card expansion

As announced during our Kickstarter updates: the very first and last expansion set for Deck One: The Highlands. These 15 cards are made of 15 truly unique places to visit before entering the horrors of Deck Two: The Forest.

Try your luck in the fallen amusement park known as "Coin World", and find Sir Fade-Away the Death Poet within The Last Tower, or turn Enemy cards into pets in the wonderful Sakroka favorite "Enemy Town". 

This product ships TBA 2016 

Official card rules are being adjusted and graphics tweaked but you can peep 'em below in the official card list!

Coin World (3 rooms)
The Last Home (1)
Enemy Town (2)
Bygone Arena (1)
The Mountain (1)
Psychic Spire (1)
Ostrich Express ~ Cerulean (1)
Rain Clouds (1)
Snow Clouds (1)
The Source Shop (1)
The Last Tower (2)



This product ships Spring 2015 

$ 15.00