Welcome to The Highlands...

"...breaking some new ground." -- Peter Adkison, founder: Wizards of The Coast, Owner: Gen Con 

"a very intriguing game...a fascinating way to experience a story" -- Jonathan H. Liu, Geekdad.com 

"...uses cards and card combos the likes of which I've never seen before in a game..." -- Scott Sexton, BGG review

"Hauntingly Poetic." -- Ed Grabianowski, io9.com 

Spell Saga is a card based tabletop novel.

In a world past its ending, play as The Last Minstrel, alone on The Highlands, searching for the truth of how the world ended. Along the way, get lost in an enchanted forest, and find yourself in a dungeon crawl so overwhelmingly large it might take a whole kitchen table to get through.

This is a one player solo-style game with magical items, mysterious party members, & dangerous battles. There is no grinding for levels, as the game allows you to grow by exploring. The major acts of Spell Saga are always the same, but how you get there--and IF you get there, is up to you.

Obstacles and miracles are waiting to be discovered, in the world's first tabletop novel.  

Deck One: The Highlands was financed via Kickstarter in 2014, and will be shipping in Spring of 2015. Quantities are very limited but you can play Spell Saga right now at home, by downloading Deck One: The Highlands for free below! 

*Deck Two: The Forest is available now in the shop as PnP files

*Deck Three: The Caves available Spring 2016


All International Orders receive the following limited edition holofoil cards free:

And coming this year: Spell Saga International+

Enjoy your favorite post apocalyptic medieval western game in Brazilian Portuguese, German, Japanese, or Portuguese! (PnP only)